Oh Sh*t, I’m Hosting a Podcast!

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That was pretty much my reaction the morning after I had accepted an offer to take over the Mastermind.fm podcast. It is already 90 episodes in and I have hosted a few of those myself as of late (including part 2 of the Joe Casabona interview to be released next Tuesday).

Nevertheless, that morning I just thought to myself – why am I adding more things to my to-do list?

I won’t get into all the projects I’m involved in at the moment (except for EDD Bookings¬†– it’s almost ready!), but adding the Mastermind.fm podcast to my list seemed like it was getting too much.

Then I realised something. I was looking at it all wrong.

This is a great opportunity to expand my understanding of everything WordPress and everything business. Running a podcast, and an established one at that, is the best possible way to get to meet people from all over the world. How else would I have managed to speak with folks like Shep Hyken, Ben Pines, Marius Vetrici and Joe Casabona so openly?

I’m not someone who travels to a lot of WordPress meetups or conferences, so being on a tiny island (Malta) is not granting me any access to those individuals that I can learn a lot from. A podcast like this will allow me to do that on a regular basis while sharing my own experiences along the way.

The podcast was previously experience-driven given that both James and Jean have been involved in running WordPress businesses for a while. As of now, that focus will shift slightly. As someone who is still learning in this industry, I will be looking to speak with those who can teach me and our listeners a thing or two about running theses businesses.

Know someone who would be a good fit for Mastermind.fm, get in touch!

I look forward to co-hosting along some great men and women too. There are a few that I already have in mind, including Donnacha Mac Gloinn who I’ve hosted a couple of episodes with before. He is someone who has perspective and approach to things that challenges the norm and the face-value of anything that he comes face to face with.

It’s an exciting time, so if you have any feedback on what I should do with, or who I should speak with, over on Mastermind.fm, I’m all ears. It’s a time of transition – your thoughts will go a long way to helping us keep the podcast going strong as I learn the ropes.

On a final note, I’d just like to thank Jean and James for bringing the podcast this far and for their encouragement as I transition into podcasting. I know that both of them are not over their podcasting days. In fact, you can follow James over at Adventures in Businessing.

Listen to their final episode here¬†while I ponder what’s in store for me…


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