A Mastermind with Joe Casabona about Alternative WordPress Businesses

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In the world of WordPress, most business ideas are centred around plugins, themes and hosting services, but there are other niches you can get into.

As I get more involved with the Mastermind FM podcast, which in itself is a mastermind among WordPress business owners and those around this space, I am getting familiar with new niches. Podcasting is a fun way to get to know others better, share ideas, and to have the ability to meet those who you otherwise might not ever get to talk to.

In my latest hosted episode of Mastermind FM I got to speak with Joe Casabona. Joe has worked in the WordPress space for many years, going from a freelance designer and developer, to an employee with a large WordPress agency. He has now delved into the freelance space again, this time focusing on a few other niches.

Since our discussion lasted well over an hour, we split the episode into two parts. Part 1 focuses on the podcast. We discuss Joe’s podcast, How I Built It, and what he has learnt from over 67 interviews, after which we get into the idea of podcasting itself and what it can do to grow your audience and reach.

Part 2 will be published in a couple of weeks’ time, so be sure to check back for that on mastermind.fm.

Listen to Part 1 of my mastermind with Joe here:

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