Yoga and I never really went hand in hand, and we’re still not exactly a perfect match. Yet during some mornings or evenings I find myself doing some form of it before I get to work or go to bed. I’m no expert (probably not even at the novice stage yet), but that doesn’t mean I can’t give it a go. My technique is far from average and I’ve fallen over more times than I can count, yet I still try do 15-20 minutes a few times…Continue Reading “Yoga? Me?”

The terms support engineer, happiness engineer, support team member and many more all refer to the same thing – someone who is there to help you out with any issues you’re encountering with a product, be it physical or digital. My first introduction to the world of WordPress plugin development came from support. I started working with WordPress as a content writer on a part time basis, as a freelancer. From there, I joined our plugin support team to handle basic, non-dev related questions. That led to…Continue Reading “Why working as a support engineer made me a better person”

352 days. This is how long it’s taken me to write, and publish, another post. Not proud of that stat. I’ve written a few posts in that time, some short and some very long. They’re still in my drafts. I’ve since taken on a new role at work with a lot more responsibility and that’s changed my outlook on a few things. I’ve learnt a lot by doing and by listening to a few great people. I’ve come to realise that some of what I…Continue Reading “352 Days Later”

These past few months haven’t been the best moments of my life, but I’ve made the best of what I’ve got and I’ve learnt a lot from my experiences. Ever since these personal changes and realisations started to happen, I decided I need to re-ignite a project I started about a year ago, my own personal website. This space will allow me to promote my work, share my ideas, and discuss anything that comes to mind. If you know me, you’ll know that being open…Continue Reading “Introducing something new”