Last week my interview with The Plugin Economy went live. It discusses how our products, mainly WP RSS Aggregator, came about, the challenges we’ve faced so far, how we marketed them, and much more. It even includes a cameo from Anton Ukhanev, our Lead Developer. Click on the link below to read the interview in full. Import Content Directly Into Your WordPress Site with WP RSS Aggregator

We’ve been working on a new project at RebelCode called EDD Bookings, a bookings extension for Easy Digital Downloads; a WordPress e-commerce system. Well, there’s already an existing version of it, but we’re rewriting it from scratch. That’s been going on for around 9 months now. It started with looking into what was wrong with the old version, gathering user feedback, building on use-cases, doing competitor research, team discussions, and much more. It continued into dev-related discussions on how the plugin should be structured, then…Continue Reading “We’re edging closer!”

The 13th of August 2014 was the first time I got involved publicly in the WordPress community. The first ever post I put together was a review of the X theme on WP Mayor, and it can be found here. I can’t believe that was three years ago. I still remember writing that post, the research I did for it; everything. And to think, I’ve since written and published a total of 149 articles for WP Mayor. The time has just flown by. Although a…Continue Reading “3 Years Since Joining the WordPress Community – Thank You”

I haven’t posted for a while, and this is one of the main reasons why. I’ve been trying to think about too many things at once. Even though work is moving forward all the time, it’s become counter-productive to focus on many things at once. I’ve been dealing with it for a while, and it’s getting more time-consuming than ever as projects grow and develop. How do I choose what to work on next when I’m working on multiple projects, each at different stages? I’m…Continue Reading “How do you choose what to work on next?”

The terms support engineer, happiness engineer, support team member and many more all refer to the same thing – someone who is there to help you out with any issues you’re encountering with a product, be it physical or digital. My first introduction to the world of WordPress plugin development came from support. I started working with WordPress as a content writer on a┬ápart time basis, as a freelancer. From there, I joined our┬áplugin support team to handle basic, non-dev related questions. That led to…Continue Reading “Why working as a support engineer made me a better person”