This is a continuation of my mastermind with Joe Casabona where we discussed alternative WordPress businesses that he is venturing into. This week we got into creating courses for the WordPress community and beyond, and how Joe is teaching others how to set up these courses to bring as much value to the attendees as possible. You can listen to part 1 here, or get to part 2 here.

That was pretty much my reaction the morning after I had accepted an offer to take over the podcast. It is already 90 episodes in and I have hosted a few of those myself as of late (including part 2 of the Joe Casabona interview to be released next Tuesday). Nevertheless, that morning I just thought to myself – why am I adding more things to my to-do list? I won’t get into all the projects I’m involved in at the moment (except for…Continue Reading “Oh Sh*t, I’m Hosting a Podcast!”

In the world of WordPress, most business ideas are centred around plugins, themes and hosting services, but there are other niches you can get into. As I get more involved with the Mastermind FM podcast, which in itself is a mastermind among WordPress business owners and those around this space, I am getting familiar with new niches. Podcasting is a fun way to get to know others better, share ideas, and to have the ability to meet those who you otherwise might not ever get…Continue Reading “A Mastermind with Joe Casabona about Alternative WordPress Businesses”

If it wasn’t for a platform such as Mastermind.FM, I would not be able to have these wonderful opportunities. Earlier this month I interview Shep Hyken, he is a customer service and customer experience expert as well as a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author. I came across his work while watching a Facebook live stream that I mentioned in my article about support over on WP Mayor. Shep Hyken | Speaker Demo Reel from Video Narrative on Vimeo. Shep gracefully accepted…Continue Reading “I Got to Interview Shep Hyken, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author”

After my first two experiences guest hosting for Mastermind.FM alongside Donnacha Mac Gloinn, this time around I took on the opportunity to guest host alone and interview a gentleman named Ben Pines. Ben is the mind behind the Elementor WordPress page builder plugin that has grown to have over 200,000 active installs in just one year. If you don’t know what that means, let me put it this way: their team have managed to infiltrate a sector that already had a few major players that…Continue Reading “Guest Hosting with Ben Pines for Mastermind.FM”

This was an interesting one to record with Donnacha. This man doesn’t hold back in putting questions forward, and I respect that about him. I tried to answer his questions in the best way I could, and hopefully, it provides some insight to others too. We discuss many topics and get into some detail about a few, so check out the show notes to find out more. On a final note, these are some of the most creative show notes I’ve come across Episode 77…Continue Reading “Second Guest Host Appearance on Mastermind.FM”

This week I joined Donnacha MacGloinn as guest hosts on the Mastermind.FM podcast. We took over from James and Jean for this week to discuss some hot topics; the Gutenberg Editor, WooCommerce and the Future of WordPress. It was an interesting experience and one I’d definitely want to do again. If you can’t tell from the podcast itself, I was quite nervous to put my voice and my opinions out there. Hopefully, it went well enough for people to want to listen to it. I…Continue Reading “First Experience On a Podcast”