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We’ve been working on a new project at RebelCode called EDD Bookings, a bookings extension for Easy Digital Downloads; a WordPress e-commerce system.

Well, there’s already an existing version of it, but we’re rewriting it from scratch. That’s been going on for around 9 months now.

It started with looking into what was wrong with the old version, gathering user feedback, building on use-cases, doing competitor research, team discussions, and much more.

It continued into dev-related discussions on how the plugin should be structured, then onto the designing stage with a UI/UX expert, and now we’re in the process of developing the prototype before getting to the “final” version.

It’s been a hell of a ride. I have to admit, it wasn’t planned to take this long initially, but we weren’t being realistic back then either. At one point the team opened my eyes to how much more attention we should be giving to key areas of the plugin that weren’t considered in the first two versions.

I took that attention to detail and put it into the design too, and I have to say, I frikkin love it. The feedback so far has been great and I can’t wait to have a working version to share for some user-testing.

You can read more about the project and how it came about in my article on WP Mayor.

Building a Painkiller for the Appointment Bookings Space in WordPress

It’s been a great experience so far to lead a project from start to… this stage. I can’t wait to get this version ready to get into the next part of the project; introducing more functionality, gathering constructive feedback, and actually seeing it put to use!

There isn’t much else I can share right now, but I wanted to share my excitement about it! 🙂

I’ll be writing another article that puts together the whole process we went through in detail in the coming weeks, so if you’re interested in knowing what steps we took, mistakes we made, and lessons we learnt, stay tuned.

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