First Experience On a Podcast

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This week I joined Donnacha MacGloinn as guest hosts on the Mastermind.FM podcast. We took over from James and Jean for this week to discuss some hot topics; the Gutenberg Editor, WooCommerce and the Future of WordPress.

It was an interesting experience and one I’d definitely want to do again. If you can’t tell from the podcast itself, I was quite nervous to put my voice and my opinions out there. Hopefully, it went well enough for people to want to listen to it.

I did have some issues with my sound quality which will be improved with a new mic next time around. Time was also an issue – we covered a number of topics and didn’t have time to go into a lot of detail on each one, so I look forward to sharing the rest of my thoughts on these subjects in the future.

Listen to the episode below or click here to visit Mastermind.FM.

(Agian, please excuse the sound quality on my end, I didn’t have the right mic on the day)

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