The “N” Word

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Not what you thought. The "N" word I'm talking about is "never", but keep reading...

"Never" is not forever

The phrase "never say never" is used countless times (I'm not referring to that Canadian ****), but I don't believe in it. I use the words "never" or "won't do" quite often in my work and in my personal life, but they don't always hold water, and I'm okay with that.

When I say I won't do something or this thing will never happen, it's what I think at that time. It's what I know and feel at that time that made me come to that conclusion. I might hear something or learn something new the next day, and that "never" changes to a "today", or that "won't do" changes to a "let's do this!".

Being able to change your mind when you learn more about a subject is the key to surviving in your field, evolving into a more educated human being, and always learning from your mistakes. Having the humility to accept that you were wrong, to own up to it, and to then move forward from it is one of the most important traits I've developed.

Although I aways knew that I worked this way, it was only while I was watching a Youtube video that it was put into words and became clear as day. Although I had heard of him a while back I've only been following Gary Vaynerchuk's channel for a few weeks and I've gone through a number of his #AskGaryVee shows, his vlogs, and even a few keynote speeches.

It was the video below that brought all this to my attention.

I strongly suggest you have a look through Gary's channel, and if any of his work interests you, follow him, daily. He's got a unique character so you might want to pick and choose the bits you listen to.

Tenga un buen día!

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